ICSFP Succeeds in Halting Offensive T-Shirt Sales

The International Committee for the Support of the Final Prophet

California Company Suspends Sales Due to Copyright Infringement

(Washington, DC) ICSFP, working with lawyers in the US and Denmark, announces that a T-shirt with one of the 12 offensive cartoons originally published in the Jyllands-Posten is no longer available for purchase on the website: http://www.shopmetrospy.com.

When ICSFP was informed of the cartoon being sold on T-shirts, it moved immediately to seek a court injunction. “Our legal counsel informed us that we would have a very strong case if the owner of the copyright brought the case,” stated ICSFP Chairman Ali Jomaa. “So we instructed our lawyer in Denmark to contact the copyright owner and inform them of our position,” he added.

The copyright is managed by a Danish group which has been very aggressive against illegal use of the image for merchandising, such as on a T-shirt.

ICSFP expressed confidence in his this action. “We just want the world to know that every time we see the image, it causes great pain; but we will only resort to legal and non-violent actions to halt these hateful acts,” added Jomaa.

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