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Islamic Congress urges all Muslims world wide for a calm period for healing

The Canadian Islamic Congress

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
The Canadian Islamic Congress Friday Bulletin
Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - Muharram 16, 1427, Year:9 Vol:9 Issue: 27

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters Everywhere:

Asalam Alykoom.

We Canadian Muslims share your pain after the publication and republication of the offending cartoons depicting our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as terrorist. These cartoons are not only insulting to our faith but they propagate a dangerous negative stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists. Many Canadians, including our Prime Minster shared our pain.

However we assure you that most Westerners are tolerant of Islam and of Muslims. We Canadian Muslims, and those who live in the West, will continue to reach out to every one of our fellow citizens. We will deal with the tiny minority of anti-Islam hate mongers and Islamphobes among us through our democratic and legal means.

Poul E. D. Kristensen, the Ambassador of Denmark assured CIC that "the cartoon-case is being investigated by the Danish legal system."

We urge you all for a period of calm to allow healing to take place. We and you will take proactive steps for this not to be repeated, by equating anti-Islam with anti-Semitism in media and in education, political, and legal systems. We will urge our fellow Canadians to work for social justice at home and for peace with justice abroad including the Muslim world.

Salam to you all.

For Canadian Muslims
The Canadian Islamic Congress


Dr. Mohamed Elmasry
(519) 746-4107 (O)
(519) 498-1350 (Cell)
e-mail: np@canadianislamiccongress.com

Mrs. Wahida Valiante
(905) 771-1023
e-mail: nvp@canadianislamiccongress.com

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