Dear Muslims in Denmark and the whole world

Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen
Copenhagen, October 11th 2006
Press release

Dear Muslims in Denmark and the whole world

Neccesary debate
Defending denmark has been working undercover in the Danish People’s Party’s (DPP) youth wing for several months. We have with all means tried to begin a dialogue with the DPP in concern to the damage this right-wing organization is conflicting on the Danish brand, but have unfortunately been ignored. As a last resort, we took the drastic step to make the DPP video public.

Defending denmark have had an insider in the DPP for the sole purpose of researching and documenting the fact that the Danish government is collaborating politically with a party that has proved itself to both hostile towards foreigners and Islamophopic. These virtues are very Un-Danish and does not represent the Danish people.

We choose to show our video documentation on (All individuals performing blasphemy and hateful acts were censured by Defending denmark before we went public on October 5th 2006.). Our intention was absolutely not to mock or insult Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings be with Him). On the contrary, we want to function as whistle-blowers in regard to the responsibility the DPP has for the harsh and hateful tone in the Danish debate about Islam and Muslims. We could not ignore this appalling development in our peaceful country, and chose to take this extreme step.

Respect for Muslims everywhere

As soon as our video documentation had sparked a debate, we immediately removed the material from the Internet in respect of all Danes and Muslims everywhere. (The videos were removed after 72 hours on our website; at 2 AM on the 9th of October 2006). After having put a strong focus on the Danish governments political collaboration with the racist and extreme right-wing DPP, the videos have served their purpose.

We hope that the Muslim world will understand that we, who call ourselves Defending denmark, in no way sympathize with the content of the videos. We condemn such acts and find them both repellent and stupid. However, we have found it absolutely necessary to inform - primary the Danish population, and secondly the rest of the world - what kind of political partnerships the Danish government is forming.

Defending denmark’s intentions are to fight racism and stop the increasing stigmatization of our fellow Muslim citizens in Denmark.

As the next part in our campaign, Defending denmark is launching the website: AsylumHOME is the world's first communication platform for asylum seekers and refugees, and provides the thousands of asylum seekers in Denmark and the rest of Europe with the possibility of a common meeting point - and thereby with the potential to create a functioning and empowered community beyond the dispersed actions of current refugee rights groups. has the potential to strongly improve visibility of asylum seeker views and issues in the public debate and make Denmark a better place for all minority groups.

For more information, please see: Or contact us at:

To his / her excellency
The Ambassador / The Consul
Copenhagen 11. 10. 2006

Dear Sir / Madam

This letter is coming to you from the office of Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been in contact with the group of young people, who had infiltrated the Danish Peoples Party in Denmark, and who posted the videoclip of the competition of making insulting drawings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, onto the internet.

I am sending you their press release for you and your country to know, that these young people had absolutely no intention of insulting Islam, Muslims or our Holy Prophet. They simply did it to draw attention to racist undercurrents in present Danish politics, especially within the Danish Peoples Party, being one of the largest parties in Denmark.

I kindly urge you to forward this message to any relevant media in your country in order to throw further light on the incident, as this is an incident entirely different from the previous incident, which was solely meant for insult and ridicule.

At the present incident, the intention was exactly the opposite – to throw light on such tendencies in order to prevent them from growing and gaining power.

Dear Sir / Madam

If I can be of any further assistance, you are welcome to call me on my mobile phone number (+45) 4025 2378. Today (Thursday), I will not be able to answer my phone between 11.00 and 16.00 Danish time. You are welcome to call before or after that time.

Sincerely yours

Abdul Wahid Pedersen
Imam, Copenhagen

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