Archive: 2010-07

  1. Quotations on Islamic Civilization
  2. What is the distinction between hadith and sunna?
  3. Four Basic Rules of Pure Monotheism
  4. Muslim in Montana: Islamic community reports little hatred but misconceptions lead to isolated trouble
  5. Slander
  6. Islamica - Issue July 2010 - THE ASCENSION
  7. The world before the Prophet Muhammad
  8. Clash or Peaceful Coexistence?
  9. Attributes of Allah
  10. The Evolution of Heavens
  11. The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze
  12. Burqa bans grow fashionable in Europe
  13. Despite obstacles, Islam continues to spread
  14. Was Prophet Muhammad influenced by Jews or Christians? -I
  15. Fasting and Muslim Patients
  16. Sovereignty is only For Allah
  17. The Inner Secrets of Fasting
  18. The Concept of God in Islam (part 1 of 2): A Unique Concept
  19. Former Seton Hall president will spend year traveling, learning about Islam
  20. Preparation of the Winners in Ramadan
  21. A Letter to Haudha bin ‘Ali, Governor of Yamama
  22. The Concept of God in Islam (part 2 of 2): His Attributes and His Oneness
  23. Indonesia proof that democracy, Islam can co-exist: minister
  24. The Light of the Prophet
  25. 70 Matters Related to Fasting
  26. Letter to the King of Oman
  27. Following the Messenger of Allah is a Must
  28. French 'burqa ban' goes before parliament
  29. The Prophet's (saas) Compassion Towards The Faithful
  30. Trials
  31. Aqeedah, Its Meaning and Importance
  32. At root is fanaticism, not Islam
  33. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The charitable
  34. The Night of Al-Qadr (Decree)
  35. Prophet Muhammad's Miracles
  36. Names & Attributes of God
  37. Leaving that Which Doesn’t Concern You
  38. French parliament to debate Islamic veil ban
  39. Muhammad, A Guidance to follow
  40. The Battle of Badr - a battle between Truth and falsehood
  41. The Origins of Shirk
  42. US questions its unwavering support for Israel
  43. Immunizations - Harmful to your Child or Not?
  44. The Mind
  45. Avoiding Nightmares & Sleep Disturbances
  46. Miraculous Mixture: Mother’s Milk
  47. The Proof That Islam Is The Truth
  48. Group plans to counter protest in support of 'religious freedom'
  49. Blessing of Health and Free Time
  50. Preservation Of The Qur'an
  51. Intellectual Proofs in the Qur'an
  52. New Islamic center response to growth
  53. Prophet Muhammad as a Strategic Planner
  54. Oral Transmission Of The Qur'an
  55. Language: The Main Vehicle Of Contemplation
  56. Call for schools to teach a positive view of Islam while branding Australia racist
  57. The Virtue of Ramadan and the Qur'an
  58. Description of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  59. The Preservation of The Sayings of The Prophet
  60. Qur'anic Prophecies About the Future
  61. French parliament set to vote on veil ban
  62. 20 Ways to Show Off
  63. Why Do Muslims Fast during Ramadan?
  64. The Prophet In His House
  65. The Miracle Of The Arabic Language
  66. Preservation of the Qur'aan
  67. Islamic Schools in US Raise Hopes, Fears
  68. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 2
  69. Significance of Fasting
  70. Prophet's Address at Tabuk
  71. Stories of Those Who Heard The Quran
  72. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 3
  73. 70 Issues Related to Fasting
  74. The Spiritual and Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting
  75. Muhammad's Simple Life: A Proof of His Prophethood
  76. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 4
  77. What Did His Followers Say?
  78. Isra (The Journey) and Miraj (The Ascension)
  79. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 5
  80. Syria Bans Face-Covering Veils in Universities
  81. Who Is Obliged to Fast?
  82. References to Prophet Muahammad in Divine Texts
  83. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 6
  84. Middle Tennessee city divided over proposed Islamic center
  85. When To Start and Stopf Fasting
  86. Being An Example
  87. Prophet Muhammad as a Human and A Prophet (Part 1 of 3)
  88. 20 Ways to Show Off - Part 7
  89. Islamic Center Near Ground Zero Sparks Anger
  90. The Virtues of Fasting
  91. From the Reality of the World Today
  92. Modernism in Islam
  93. Why God's (Allah's) Book Cannot Contain Error
  94. Prophet Muhammad as a Human and A Prophet (Part 2 of 3)
  95. The life of the Prophet after prophecy
  96. Bangladesh removes Islamic author's books from libraries
  97. Things That Break The Fast
  98. Glad Tidings for the Strangers
  99. Reflections on Hatred and the Defamation of the Prophet Muhammad
  100. Giving Priority to the Qur'an
  101. Prophet Muhammad as a Human and A Prophet (Part 3 of 3)
  102. The Last Prophet
  103. Qiyaam al-Layl (Night Prayers)
  104. Have You Prepared for the Hour?
  105. Extremism and Reverse Extremism
  106. The Importance of Tajweed
  107. Ten Useless Matters
  108. Shoora and Democracy: A conceptual analysis
  109. Indonesian Muslims turn prayers back to Mecca after 1,000-mile mistake
  110. The absolute truth about Muhammad in the bible (P1)
  111. Islamic Knowledge: The Key to Raising Righteous and Successful Children
  112. School board punts on Islam history flap
  113. The absolute truth about Muhammad in the bible (P2)
  114. Guiding Muslim Children
  115. Abdullah, Obama keen on Mideast security: US envoy
  116. Building Self-Esteem in Your Child
  117. Have you Talked with Your Child Today?
  118. Church will burn Qur'an on 9/11
  119. Advice to Muslims in Ramadhan
  120. The Challenge
  121. Teaching the Child Islamic Rules Regarding Puberty
  122. Concerns of the Islamic Scholar During Month of Ramadan
  123. How the Quran brings unity to all of those who believe in the One God
  124. Fasting
  125. 'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities
  126. Temporary Marriage & Its Illegitimacy in Islam
  127. Fasting Ramadan, Its Virtues & Rulings
  128. Florida Church planning to burn Qurans on 9/11
  129. Choosing The Desired Wife