Concern About The Affairs & Anxieties of Muslims

Mohammad Sharis Abdul Karim

Principle of Having Concern About The Affairs & Anxieties of Muslims
By: Mohamad Sharis Abdul Karim

“Muhammad is the Messenger of Allâh, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves. You see them bowing and falling down prostrate (in prayer), seeking Bounty from Allâh and (His) Good Pleasure. The mark of them (i.e. of their Faith) is on their faces (foreheads) from the traces of (their) prostration (during prayers). This is their description in the Taurât (Torah). But their description in the Injeel (Gospel) is like a (sown) seed which sends forth its shoot, then makes it strong, it then becomes thick, and it stands straight on its stem, delighting the sowers that He may enrage the disbelievers with them. Allâh has promised those among them who believe (i.e. all those who follow Islâmic Monotheism, the religion of Prophet Muhammad till the Day of Resurrection) and do righteous good deeds, forgiveness and a mighty reward (i.e. Paradise).
[Surah Al Fath Ayah 29]

Dear brothers in Islaam. Islaam lays out, for those who believe in it, great principles that strengthen the bond between Muslims all around the world, preserves their unity and protects their dignity. Among these principles is to have concern about the affairs and anxieties of other Muslims.

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was reported to have said in a hadeeth, as narrated by Abu-Moosa, may Allaah be pleased with him:

“The example of the unity of the Muslims is like the example of a single structure, its parts strengthening and supporting one another”
[Bukhaari & Muslim]

Muslims have been undergoing trials and hardships throughout history. This is especially the case for the Palestinian people who went through great hardships affecting their persons, wealth, homes and livelihoods. They were tested by the worst and most evil of creatures who neither respect kinship nor covenants and who seek honour and might; but they will never attain this because they are a people who drew on themselves the wrath of Allaah and whom Allaah humiliated and put over them ignominy and destruction.

“Those among the Children of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of Dawûd (David) and 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary). That was because they disobeyed (Allâh and the Messengers) and were ever transgressing beyond bounds.”
[Surah Al Madiah Ayah 78]

The greatest events that require patience and persevere are disasters and calamities. This was the way of the Messengers of Allaah, peace be upon them all, who were determination and dedicated. They faced much harm while calling people to Allaah and yet they were very patient and showed endurance and perseverance. Ibrahim a.s. was thrown into the fire, Musa a.s. was chased by Firaun, Isa a.s. was targeted to be murdered and the Prophet was harmed to an unbearable level by his own people, who once called him Al Amin and yet he persevered and endured. Consequently, they successfully overcame the transgressors.

What is happening to the Palestinian people represents the worst type of oppression, transgression and tyranny that could happen to any nation. The shocking thing though, is that the oppressors are covering up their crimes behind the veil of ‘self-defence’ and ‘war against terrorism’. The opressor tyranny manifests itself in the form of seizing people’s properties and attacking the sacred places; Al-Aqsaa; the first Qiblah, the second Masjid ever built and the third in rank of virtue after the two Harams of Makkah and Madinah. People’s blood on this blessed land is being spilt, people are being murdered and their bodies mutilated.

Islam teaches us to feel our brothers’ pain and suffer. Islam teaches us to help each other. Each muslim is the helper of one another. Alhamdulillah, we still share the same tawheed among us. Even though, the geographical boundaries were set upon us by the people who once colonized us, the bond of tawheed to Allah s.w.t. has kept us to be one ummah until today and forever we will be. Islam is the source of unity and love to each other. In reality, when one uslim is hurt, everyone is hurt. Inshallah we will help our brothers who are oppressed with what we can contribute be it wealth or energy.

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