A letter from Another Denmark


Dear Muslim citizens in Denmark and the World

I wish to state the existence of another Denmark: a Denmark that wants to live in
peace with the Muslim world. There is another Denmark, which hopes for and believes
in respect and tolerance between religions and different groups of people.
As a Dane I have no responsibility for what a single and privately owned Danish
newspaper chooses to publish. Even so, I strongly condemn the actions of
Jyllands-Posten that have offended muslims around the world, and I understand the
wish for an apology from the newspaper.

We all have a responsibility for treating each other, our religious faiths, and
convictions with dignity and respect. By publishing the cartoons, the
newspaper Jyllands-Posten failed their obligation to exercise with care and
consideration the right of freedom of speech.

I condemn all kinds of discrimination, prejudice and racism, whether it is directed
against Muslims, Jews, Christians or other groups in a society. Therefore, I reject
the hostile and prejudicial way of speaking that has marked several Danish political
parties and media within recent years.

I want to make a request to all parties involved, that opinions and protests may be
conducted in a respectful and peaceful manner. Attacks on and threats against
individuals and assets only make the situation worse for all of us.

I believe in a world where religions, ethnic groups and various political and
cultural opinions can coexist in an atmosphere of dialogue, tolerance and mutual

I wish to state the existence of another Denmark that conceives itself as a part of
such a heterogenous world and humanity.

In the sincere hope of international tolerance and respect.

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