Christians' Disbelief in the Last Day

'Ali al-Timimi

What about belief in the Last Day, do the Christians believe in the Last Day? No. Why don’t they believe in the Last Day? Because they believe the resurrection will be the resurrection only of the spirits. They don’t believe that this body, this flesh, these bones, and flesh, and blood, and so forth will actually be in Paradise. They think only your soul will be in Paradise. And that is why they reject what Muslims say when we say in Paradise people will eat and drink and have sexual relations.

They deny that because they consider this to be something untolearable. And that is why those Muslim translators of the Qur’aan who tried to translate the meanings of the Qur’aan and who were trying to make Islaam palatable to Christians so they would like it. Like Yusuf Ali in his translation, whenever he came to the verses describing the punishment of the Hellfire or describing the blessings of Paradise, he says this is just not really real, this is a figurative thing. People will not actually going to be eating and drinking in Paradise, people will not going to be enjoying...why? Because he knows that Christians do not accept this, so in order to make it easy for them he decided to change the meanings of the Qur’aan.

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