Al-Khaldi Recants

Ahmad Al-Khaldi has become the third individul to retract fatwas he issued encouraging terrorism.

Saturday evening Saudi Arabian Televitsion broaddcast an interview of Al-Khaldi oin which he said his fatwas approving armed resistance against the police and intelligence officers were based on “wrong assumptions”.

Al-Khasldi said he was “deeply moved” when he heard about the explkosion in the Al-Muhayam compound on Nov. 8 which left 17 people dead. He said, “I was shocked to see how easily Muslim blood was spilt.”

"We tell them (militants) that they must obey God within themselves, that they must lay down their arms and return to society, their brothers and their families," Khalidi said.

"There are no enemies here for them to carry arms against and there is no jihad here and no fighters. We only have those (non-Muslims) under the protection of the state and Muslims whose blood, wealth and honor should be safeguarded."

Asked about calls by al Qaeda's leader, Saudi-born Osama bin Laden, to rid the Arabian peninsula of Jews and Christians, Khalidi said it was for the government, not individuals, to decide the issue.

Al-Khaldi was arrested along with Nasser Al-Fahd and Ali Al-Khudair after they urged Saudis not to cooperate with security forces trying to track down suspects behind the May bombings in Riyadh.

The broadcast of the Al-Khaldi interview, similar to that of Al-Fahad and Al-Khudair, are part of Saudi Arabia's battle to combat the militant violence that has occurred in the Kingdom.

Washington Times
Arab News

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