Millions against Mohammed

Andreas Englisch
The bosses of the mechanism of the catholic church largest with far distance reside in Rome close of the Spanish stairs. Here it fogged of the evaporation of enormous high-speed restaurants, and the priests urge itself on the way to their job not only by tourist masses, but must also still at the most expensive underwear fashion shops of the city past. For the fact all coworkers know that their job gained tremendously significance. They work for one of the most influential and at the same time most unknown organizations of the Vatikans.

The "Congregatio per Gentium Evangelizatione", the Kongregation for the Evangelisierung of the peoples, which came out between 1566 and 1572 from the Kongregation "De Propaganda Fide" from Pope Pius V., tried so far - to attain without the large interest of the world public -, to spread the Christian faith on the globe. The Kongregation seemed geostrategic completely insignificantly, no minister of foreign affairs took itself the time to speak with its representatives. But that was in the world from yesterday.

Today ever its statistics request more government agencies from all world, which illustrate the propagation of the Christianity very exactly and Islam. The Kongregation is the only institution of the world, which actively delivers the conflict between the Christian and the Muslim religion. She examined not like a culture or Forschungsinstitut the relationship between Muslims and Christians, but works completely practically with an army of more than one million coworkers to contain the propagation Islam and the admiration for the war figure Mohammed. It wants to invite humans all over the world to the peaceful Christianity, whose religion founder never took a weapon into his hand and even instructed humans beyond that, their enemies, to love.

The argument is, however, delivered with military precision. Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, boss of these active mission acres, calls his co-workers not coincidentally "my troops". Because the numbers in this fight for the souls in the whole world are impressive. The Kongregation for the Evangelisierung of the peoples is alone responsible for 40 per cent of the Christian world. The Kongregation are directly entrusted 1081 Dioezesen, among them all "zones in such a way specified of the silence" - with it all parts of the world, in which the catholic church is in fact forbidden as in China, are meant Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, in Yemen or in Kambodscha.

The Kongregation is subordinate an army of 85 000 priests and 450 000 medal people. As new generation she designs 65 000 priest in 280 seminars world-wide. The more than a million Katecheten, which the "fighting part" the Kongregation constitutes, settle the chief work. They rattle everywhere in the world village for village, city for city off, in order to convince undetermined ones from the Christian faith to. The largest part of the Katecheten is married, it is Christians, who try to the broterwerb to convince humans of the correctness of the catholic faith. Average wage: 30 dollar. In the month, mind you.

In addition, the Kongregation operates 42 000 schools, 1600 hospitals, 6000 first aid stations, 780 homes for leprosy patient and 12 000 further social and karitative mechanisms world-wide. The costs to finance this enormous apparatus re very difficult to estimate. The responsible cardinal Sepe refuses calling exact numbers. "we need much, very much money", say it. There the Vatikan no democracy is and no corporation, is not obligated the church state not to publish balances. It can be only estimated, which the apparatus of the Kongregation costs. The only secured number is calculated by the fact that on the day of the mission, which next to last Sunday in the month Octobers, world-wide annually about 200 million dollar for Sepes work meet. Altogether the expenditures might however with over 500 million dollar clearly be.

The Kongregation tries to spread in the whole world the Christian faith and contain aggressive religions. Unsuccessfully the catholic church requires the adherence to the principle of the mutuality: With support of Saudi Arabia the largest mosque of Europe could be built, still is it however for the thousands Christians in Saudi Arabia during menace by term of imprisonment forbidden reading in a Bible or celebrating with a catholic priest a service in Rome.

In the fight for the religious future of the world the Vatikan registers nevertheless considerable successes. From the 6.2 billion ground connection citizens are meanwhile 1.07 billion catholic, thus 17.2 per cent. Particularly successfully they could spread on the American continent: 62.3 per cent of the population are there catholic. Also in Ozeanien the mission acres were successful: 29 per cent of the population they already bekehrt. In Europe - with sinking tendency - still 39.9 per cent of the population is catholic, in Africa however 137 million humans or 16.6 per cent of the population, tendency rising. It looks completely bad on the homeland continent Jesus of Nazareths: Only 2.9 per cent of the Asians are catholics, whole 110 million humans.

Because since 11 September the Christian-Muslim conflict is intensified world-wide, with harder bandages for each individual Glaeubigen one fights. There the bosses of the Kongregation are also times ready to accept some. Thus it did not apply in the Vatikan as constituted that the church men travel to no state, in which the cross as symbol publicly to be shown may. But cardinal Sepe hid his bishop cross with the arrival on the airport in Qatar recently good, in order to drive for the inauguration of a school. In the mechanism financed by the catholic church 4000 pupils, of it are not Christian even a third are trained. The Kongregation however probably assumes rightfully in a Christian school informed Muslims believe at least no more the worst rumors over Christians, but rather tolerance to practice.

Everywhere in Asia the catholic church sets on this prescription of the expensive, but promising attempt to prevent a spreading Islam at expense of the Christians. For each house, each road is struggled. Thus the catholic church in India, a country, in which not even two per cent of the population are catholic, finances more than 28 per cent of the social expenditures for free hospitals and institutes for without means ones.

Schools particularly successfully operate: In the like a Christian coined/shaped areas in the south of India each second pupil of a Christian school is Muslims. There are not good national schools, wealthy Muslims offers partially substantial sums, so that their children may go on a Christian school. And the contact with the Christians does not remain natural without consequences - frequently whole families are bekehrt in this way to the Christianity.

The system so successfully functions that the government in new Delhi intervened: In numerous states of India the attempt of a Bekehrung is meanwhile forbidden, it threatens detentions. But in practice the law does not function: Many humans, who bekehrt themselves in truth to the Christianity, keep simply officially their Muslim or hinduistischen faith. With certain success could be mobilized also the chaldaeischen Christians Iraq of the Kongregation to the Evangelisierung of the peoples. In the Iraq lives 27 000 catholic, who was put into the position to supply their Islamic fellow citizens with food and medicines. The strategy papers of the Kongregation do not leave a doubt about it: Cardinal Sepe and its Mannen is it very importantly that the large majority of the Iraqis gets cardboards with auxiliary supplies, "on the one cross" printed is.

At the worst international fire source, in the Gaza Strip, a strategically important success succeeded to the catholics. Muslim extremists, inclusive Osama set the wrong of the Palestinians are shop, everywhere on the world in, in order to call to "Gegengewalt", by equating it with the wrong of the Muslims actually. They use it, in order to call "to strike back".

But the catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Christian Michel Sabbah, could with certain success also in the Arab world clearly make that this argument nonsense is, already because it gives 200 000 Palestinian Christians, nevertheless 8.6 per cent of the population. This message strews also the Kongregation: In Bethlehem Christian families live for more than 800 years. Sabbah tries to make clear with reproduction that in the Near East Jew, Muslims and Christians equally suffer. This strategy to make for the terrorists their Urgrund contentious the action seems to come up: The Hamas movement calls it in an explanation "more badly than a bomb".

A translation of the Gernam language articles that appeared on 30 May 2004
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