British Muslim Delegation Visits Darfur & Middle East

A group of prominent British Muslims are visiting Darfur and the Middle East as part of the Projecting British Islam programme from 13-23 December. The delegation will visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar after visiting Darfur to demonstrate support for efforts for Muslim countries and organisations in the region to take a strong moral lead to resolve the conflict in Darfur. A key focus of the visit is to maintain momentum within Muslim communities in the UK, the Middle-East and sub-continent about the ongoing humanitarian situation in Darfur. The delegation consists of representatives of Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid, the Muslim Council of Britain and those with community and media experience in the UK. The visit aims to build partnerships between leading British Muslim civil society groups and their counterparts in Egypt, Saudi and Qatar to help address international and regional humanitarian issues – of which Darfur poses the greatest challenge. The group will also be able to correct any misconceptions that exist about the role of British Muslims in Sudan and the region.

Projecting British Islam is a programme of visits by British Muslim delegations to a range of Muslim majority countries and those with large Muslim communities. The delegates share their experiences as Muslims in Britain today and engage in constructive dialogue and debate.

The 6 delegates visiting Darfur and the Middle-East are:

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Chair, Muslim Aid and Muslim Council of Britain
Jehangir Malik, UK Director of Islamic Relief
Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, scholar
Fatim Kurji, lawyer and Director of the CATCH charity project
Shelina Janmohamed, writer and commentator


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