CAIR refuting anti-Islam allegations

These American Muslims are taking their cases directly to the members of Congress. They are concerned that Congressman Peter King's upcoming hearings on "radicalism" in the American Muslim community will be biased.

The Council on American Islamic Relations has representatives from as many as 30 cities on Capitol Hill holding meetings in as many as 100 Congressional offices ---meeting directly with members of congress and or their staff.

Lobbying on Capitol Hill is part of an overall campaign by CAIR before the March hearings. The group has also created a website called "Capturing the Facts," to solicit testimonials of positive interactions between American Muslims and law enforcement agencies. Cair has also created an online tool kit.

CAIR is questing why Congressman Peter King is not inviting any law enforcement or counterterrorism officials to testify when the hearings are apparently based upon anonymous statements by officials that they receive little or no cooperation from Muslims.

51 groups plan to send a letter to House Leaders John Beoner and Nanci Pelosi requesting King's hearings be broadened to explore radical extremism among other religions in addition to Islam .

Congressman Peter King vows not to bow to "political correctness" and rebuffed a request by Muslim groups that the hearings be expanded. King plans to begin hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims on March 7th.

February 09, 2011, PressTV

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