Judges reject Wilders' witnesses but will follow up dinner claim

Dutch News

The three new judges hearing the inciting hatred case against PVV leader Geert Wilders have rejected the anti-Islam campaigner's demand to bring a number of experts the witness stand.

The judges said it is not necessary to hear the prospective witnesses because several of them have already given statements in connection with the previous trial.

However, the judges have agreed to hear three people who were at a dinner last May during which a court official is said to have put pressure on one of the witnesses who was also present.


That official, Tom Schalken, is one of the judges who decided that Wilders should face prosecution after the public prosecution department decided not to take legal action against the MP.

The original trial was abandoned last October after senior court officials ruled several irregularities in the proceedings could be deemed prejudicial.

It is not yet clear when the formal hearings will begin again.

14 February 2011, Dutch News

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