AL-MUSAWWIR- The Shaper; The Giver of Form

Harun Yahya
He is Allah—the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form . To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al-Hashr, 59:24)

Our planet contains thousands of different species with entirely different appearances and amazing features. Let's examine the flawless symmetry on a butterfly wing. The surface of each wing is embellished with different patterns and impressive colors. No matter how complicated these patterns and colors may be, they never harm the perfect symmetry between the two wings. Indeed, just like a painter's masterpiece, all butterflies have astonishing appearances. Clearly, the wisdom manifested in such beauty has a source, for even an ordinary painting is painted by someone; it could not have come into existence by itself. This being the case, how could such a perfect living being, one that is as aesthetic as a work of art, come into being by coincidence? Allah, Lord of the universe, created, designed, and formed all of those beings.

Allah, Who created human beings and designed their bodies' internal and external systems, manifests His superior creativity and power on every detail of this complex structure. For instance, the skeleton (the body's structural support system) is an engineering marvel in its own right. It protects such vital organs as the brain, the heart and lungs, and upholds the body's internal organs. In addition, it gives the body a superior capacity for movement, one that cannot be imitated by any artificial mechanism. Bone tissue is not inorganic, as many people think. In fact, it is the body's mineral bank and thus includes many important minerals, among them calcium and phosphate. In accordance with the body's needs, it either stores these minerals or delivers them to where they are needed. Moreover, bones also produce red blood cells. Yet this multi-functional system is only one of the perfect systems existing in the human body.

This is the way of Allah, Who created—and Who continues to create—all of these systems with an unparalleled design so that we may see wherever we turn the manifestations of His unique creation. One verse relates that believers say the following words:

... “Our Lord gives each thing its created form and then guides it.” (Surah Ta Ha, 20:50)

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