Thus Taught the Prophets: Al-Jahiliyah destroys its accomplishments

Salman ibn Fahd al-'Awdah
Al-Jahiliyah destroys its accomplishments

IN THE CONDUCT of their campaign against the Prophet , Quraysh abandoned many of the values and principles which the Arabs traditionally upheld and guarded. Foremost among these were the customs of hospitality and generosity towards guests. However, with the advent of the Prophet Muhammad , and the acceptance of his Call by elements within their society, Quraysh decided to blockade them in the valley of Abu Talib. They denied the Muslims food and water until conditions became so severe that very often when a Muslim went to answer the call of nature he would find beneath himself dried leather which he ground and ate. In this manner they were strengthened for a

few more days.

The polytheists used to hear the hungry cries of babies and they remained unmoved and

uninterested in relieving their suffering. Indeed, they discarded the values of kindness and generosity.

They became like fierce and savage animals when they encountered the Islamic Call, despite the fact that they were previously well known for their charity and kindness. A good example was ‘Abd Allah bin Jadan who became famous throughout the villages of Al-Dayfan in Makkah. Several sources confirm that ‘Abd Allah used to send callers throughout Makkah urging its people to come and have meals with him. Hence whoever was hungry and in need of food used to attend the home of ‘Abd Allah bin Jadan.

Perhaps what was even more despicable than the blockade of the Muslims in the valley of Abu Talib was the fact that Quraysh, after forcing the Muslims to flee to Abyssinia (today’s Ethiopia) with their religion, sent emissaries there to entice the King to expel them from his land. They sent ‘Abd Allah bin Abi Rabiah, Amr bin Al-As, amongst others to inform the King of Abyssinia: “O King, verily a group of depraved persons have taken refuge in your land, they abandoned the religion of their people and have not entered your religion. They invented a new religion which neither you nor any of us know of. We have been sent by the most noble of their fathers, uncles, and relatives to you urging

that you send them back to them because they know them better and know nothing but the distress that they have caused.”

In this outrageous manner Quraysh continued to oppose the believers and pursue them outside of their homeland, thus abandoning the principles of kindness and generosity so often and so proudly mentioned in the most famous Arab poems of Mu allaqat. As a result, it became immensely clear that the struggle between Tawhid and shirk had now become a full-blown battle.

Furthermore, during this phase the Prophet came under attack by Quraysh by means of a campaign of misinformation, disavowal and slander. The aim was to discredit the Prophet, his message and his followers by attempting to create doubts in the minds of the people as to the eventual aims and ambitions of the Muslims.

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