4th Conference: Concluding Statement

International Committee for the Support of the Final Prophet (ICSFP)

In the Name of Allah and Peace be Upon The last of the Prophets.

By the help of Allah, the International Conference for Advocating the Prophet (PBUH), convened in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain on 22-23 Safar 1427, corresponding to March 22-23, 2006.

It was attended by a number Islamic scholars, intellectuals, and thinkers. They met to discuss the insult that befell the Prophet Peace be upon Him and to define the strategies and ways of support to the Name of the Prophet Peace be upon

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Him. The meeting was attended by Al Ittehad Ulama Muslimeen, Al Asalah Society, Islam Today, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, International Committee for the Support of the Final Prophet

The conference issued the following statement:


On the 26th of Shaban 1426H (30 Sept 2005G), Newspapers Jyllands-Posten (a paper in Denmark) published 12 caricature pictures insulting the Prophet Peace be Upon Him. The pictures were accompanied by a comment stating that Muslims respect for their Prophet is a sort of heresy and megalomania. The comment went on to call for revealing what he called (the dark history) of Islam's Prophet and to present him to the public as what is shown on the pictures. The start was in Europe, but in fact it was a part of a vile campaign that started much earlier than the publication. It was equally accompanied by severed provocations including the attitude of the Danish government after the publication of the pictures.

The Islamic Diplomatic Missions and leading Islamic figures had made efforts to accommodate the problem by attaining an apology from the concerned parties and from the newspaper.

Their efforts included:

1) Danish Muslim citizens, residents and diplomats made a request to meet the Prime Minister to express their protest and he refused to meet them. He declared that the problem is related to the freedom of expression and such protests should be made before courts of law.

2) The Islamic State Summit Conference in Makka condemned insulting the Prophet Peace be upon Him. The Conference Secretary-General sent letters to the government of Denmark and to the European Union. The Danes’ reply was that freedom of expression is a basic principle of democracy in Denmark.

Then, the Islamic Conference Organization declared its boycott to a Danish project represented in a big fair called "Impression on the Middle East."

3) The position of the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, stated that the pictures come as a part of a war against Islam and not a show of civilization conflict. He demanded the Arab parliamentarians exert pressure on the United Nations to reach a conclusive solution to this problem.

4) After it become clear that the local efforts were of no value, Danish Muslim delegations traveled to a number of Islamic capitals to explain the problem. All these steps were peaceful and civilized and the Danish government and the Europeans could have evaded the repercussions, but nothing was done.

All that was followed by these incidents:

1) The Danish government stood on its previous position and made no effort to respect the Muslims feelings and did not admit that the newspaper did have an obligation to Muslims.

2) The newspaper did not apologize and left the pictures on its internet site.

3) After 100 days a Norwegian magazine republished the pictures on the day of Eid ul Adha 1426, followed by several European papers and media with the excuse of protecting freedom of expression in spite of protests.

In the Islamic World and as the Muslims found no response or apology and as the provocation increased in Europe and as the Prophet has a very extraordinary respect in Muslims minds and souls, very severe protests exploded in the far reaches of the Islamic world. It had no equal in Modern history. They called for total economic boycott. All Muslim citizens stood in defense of the Prophet pbuh. These people stand firmly in many ways such as calling on some Ambassadors and informing them officially of their protests and condemnation of insulting the Prophet. Most of the Europeans did not quite understand the enormity of the insult; however there are exceptions such as the attitude of the Norwegian government which made an apology.

The Conference confirms that the relations of Muslims with the West should not be based on conflict, but rather on mutual respect and preservation of rights. Muslims are not supporters of racism or conflict, but they are defenders of their rights and they only insist that their national and sacred beliefs should be respected. In this respect they refer to the Holy Qur’an where they are taught that Allah directs not to act unjustly to those who do not harm others and to maintain good and peaceful relations.

History is a fair witness to the conduct of Muslims. Muslim communities used to live peacefully with Christian and Jewish minorities without being exposed to any sort of oppression.

The Conference is of the opinion that the pictures do not represent the whole people of Denmark nor the whole European community. Many politicians, media men, and communities had expressed their condemnation of the pictures and saw that the pictures would only lead to decreasing relations with the Muslim world.

Westerners should understand that such insulting attitudes will lead to cultural and social conflicts and lead to hatred and aggression. It can lead to conflicts even inside the European Society itself and may be seen in the world as a racial conflict.

We Muslims cannot accept the insult of our Prophet Peace be Upon Him, under any argument, be it freedom of expression or any circumstances. It is acceptable that law protects the rights of individuals, but the limitation is that individual freedom should not harm others.

The Conference, after the meeting extends its thanks and appreciation to the Muslim Nations for their firm stand to protect the name and ideals of their Prophet pbuh.

The Conference in the end had passed a number of decisions and recommendations.

All Praise be to Allah the Almighty .

Decisions and Recommendations

Praise be to Allah and Peace be Upon our Prophet Mohamed, his family and his Companions.

By the help of Allah, the International Conference for Advocating the Prophet (PBUH), convened in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain on 22-23 Safar 1427, corresponding to March 22-23, 2006.

The conference was called upon by the following organizations:

1) Al Ittehad Ulama Muslimeen

2) Al Asalah Society

3) Islam Today

4) World Assembly of Muslim Youth

5) International Committee for the Support of the Final Prophet

It was attended by more than 300 scholars and intellectuals from different countries around the world.

After extensive deliberation and discussions, the conferees agreed to hold future meetings on a regular and continuous basis. In their opinion, this is essential for the exchange of ideas in any matters that may arise and to contemplate the progress of the ummah in rectifying conditions. The Conference had taken the following steps:

I. Decisions

a) The constitution of the International Organization for Advocating the Prophet (Pbuh) has sought that the organization shall be the frame embracing the continuity and performance of the conference and the conference itself is to represent the constituent basis of that organization. From the conference shall emerge the general secretariat which shall complete the preparation and formulation of the organization ideas, objectives, regulations and specialized offices.

Tentatively, the organization shall have four Offices which are:

1) Economic support office:

To handle matters of information and economic studies. (e.g. boycott, etc.)

2) Legal Support Office:

It shall follow up claims against whoever insults Islam, our Holy Book or and Prophet pbuh. It shall take necessary legal measures to combat such insults and pursue violators.

3) Co-ordination and Communication Office:

This office is to be entrusted with co-ordination of support activities between the related associations and committees in different countries and maintain communication and dialogue with non-Muslims.

4) Academic and Media Office:

This office shall assume the responsibility of presenting studies, research, symposiums and programs related to support activities throughout the world.

b) Constitution of an international fund for advocacy and support of the Prophet Peace be upon Him

The fund will be a subsidiary of the organization to finance its projects and activities. The donations received shall be the start of this fund.

II. Results and Recommendations:

The Conference extends its gratitude to the Kingdom of Bahrain for hosting it and to all others who called for it and who participated in it. The conference in the end had come to the following results and recommendations:

1) The Conference values the brave standing of the Muslim nation in defense of the Prophet pbuh and recommends the continuation of support with all available peaceful means.

2) The Conference condemns insulting the Prophet in any way, from any party and in any country. The Conference demands a cultural apology that makes it possible to show the reality of Islam and the role of the Prophet in building human civilization.

3) The Conference extends thanks to all governments, organizations and international personalities who rejected publication of the pictures or punished it, in respect to the Prophet and to the feelings of Muslims.

4) The Conference confirms that the relations between Muslims and the West should not be based on a clash, but rather upon justice, mutual respect and preservation of rights. We are also calling for opening of constructive dialogue.

5) The Conference equally condemns the violent reactions in burning some worship premises, consulates and property and we consider it against Islamic rulings. We advise Muslims everywhere to adhere to the support rules set by the Conference and to stay away from incorrect reactions leading to distortion of the reality and image of Islam and the Prophet pbuh.

6) The Conference calls upon Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to continue their positive role in building their organizations and when raising objections against irregularities to expose refined performance. They are to keep away from activities that contradict with the laws of the countries where they are. Here, they can refer to “Surat Al Maida” where they are directed to keep pledges and contracts with others. Islam forbids violence, killings and aggression against societies.

7) The Conference supports the follow up of the draft resolution presented by the Muslim countries to the United Nations to ban disrespect of religions until it is adopted.

8) The Conference seeks laws criminalizing any insult to all prophets and Allah’s Messengers.

9) The Conference confirms that (economic boycott) is a civilized way of expressing protest and as a means of supports to the cause.

10) The conference recommends Muslim countries to diversify their imports, encourage local production and work for self-sufficiency in banking needs. They, in addition, are to seek economic integration between them.

11) The Conference recommends that the Ministries of Education in the Muslim World should adopt a program for teaching the seerah in different levels of education. This will enable students to understand rules of their religion and strengthen the love of their Prophet and follow his teachings.

12) The Conference reminds Arab and other Muslim governments to escalate their efforts and duties in the service of Islam and in defending the Prophet pbuh.

13) The Conference confirms that it is necessary to adhere to the boycott document and to that of support as adopted by the Conference and as a continuation of advocating our defense.

14) The Conference recommends that the Ministries of Information and Media, governmental or private in the Islamic World, to shoulders their responsibilities in the service of Islam, defending Islam and to make clear the teachings of the Prophet peace be Upon Him.

15) The conference recommends that, all Muslims, individual, organizations and states, are to make use of that event in bringing forward reforms and improvements by going back to the Holy Qur’an and to the traditions of the Prophet pbuh, in every respect of life.

16) The Conference respects the performance of Danish Muslims in dealing with the insult of the Prophet pbuh in a civilized way combining their civilization and their affiliation to their religion.

17) The Conference recommends that Muslims are to have a positive strategy and not to be on the defensive, by inciting all the Muslim governments and institutions to adopt practical and scientific plans in way of calling to Islam and in identification of the teachings life and Tread ions of the Prophet Peace be Upon Him.

18) The Conference recommends support of committees and organizations around the world and especially in the West in their efforts to explain the rules of Islam and to ensure freedom and rights of Muslims.

19) The conference values the attitude of Arla Foods that declared its rejection of the pictures and saw no reason of publication. The Conference is of the opinion that it was a good start for opening a dialogue with that company to reach a common understanding.

In the end, we report our appreciation to the Kingdom of Al Bahrain, the King, government, organizations and people for hosting the Conference. We also thank all those who called for the conference together with all the people who attended the meetings. We ask Allah to bless all.

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