1st Conference: Recommendations


The conference was held in London from the 1st to the 3rd of November. Participants hailed from all over the world and were affiliated with various Islamic foundations and organizations.

The conference participants agreed that this vicious campaign being waged against Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy, is actually an opportunity for Muslims to call others to Islam by clarifying the truth. They resolved that this opportunity should be seize. They also concluded that the people who are spreading these falsehoods about the Prophet (peace be upon him) are either ignorant of the details of his life or are purposeful liars.

They resolved that the Muslims must take full advantage of these attacks to provide maximum benefit for Islam, for the Muslims, and for humanity as a whole, while showing mercy and compassion for the people who perpetrated them, since the Messenger (peace be upon him) was sent as a mercy to all humanity to guide them, give them glad tidings, and to warn them.

In order to carry this duty out, the conference participants provided the following list of recommendations:
1) An appeal must be made to scholars and imams around the world to participate in this effort, even if by just writing a single article for a local newspaper. People are needed who are willing to address different groups in their localities and explain to them the seriousness of this matter.

2) Appeals must be made to education ministries throughout the Muslim world as well as to those who are in charge of Islamic education in the West to address the students in their schools about what is happening. Schools can participate by bringing the matter up during morning assembly or by incorporating it into their language arts curriculum. They should also provide their students with books that speak about the Messenger (peace be upon him) in a positive light. School teachers and principals should write about this topic. Admitting that Islamic Studies curriculums generally contain a considerable amount of material about the Messenger (peace be upon him), they recommended that students and teachers should be specifically encouraged to come to his defense.

3) Appeals should be made to information ministries in Muslim countries as well as radio and television networks to prepare programs about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They should employ for this effort people who are knowledgeable while at the same time capable of addressing the Western mindset. There are, by the grace of Allah, a number of people who fit that description.

4) Appeals must be made to news agencies and recording studios to prepare programs about the Prophet (peace be upon him) that can address the malicious attacks being waged against him. It would be best for each program to focus on a specific aspect of the Prophets life. A series of programs might be as follows: The first program could focus on his early childhood, the second on his life as a young man, the third on how he first began receiving revelation, the fourth on how his mission began, the fifth on how he conducted himself with his Companions and his enemies, the sixth on one of his battles, the seventh on his pilgrimage, the eighth on his marital life, the ninth on his humanity, the tenth on his treatment of children, and the eleventh on his treatment of animals and natural resources. Each program could highlight some moral lesson. These programs would have to be translated into numerous languages for the benefit of people all over the world.

5) Islamic centers in the West should be encouraged to do their part in responding to the vicious campaign against the Prophet (peace be upon him). They need voce their condemnation by holding public meetings and giving lectures at universities and other appropriate venues.

6) Individuals should be encouraged to send e-mails to universities and influential people in the West, defending the Prophet (peace be upon him) and refuting the false claims being levied against him.

7) Writers and intellectuals must be encouraged to write substantial books and articles addressing this matter which should then be translated into as many languages as possible.

8) Appeals should be made to newspapers and magazines to publish articles and special supplements about the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

9) A professional studio should be employed to produce a state-of-the-art video program about the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It should highlight his excellent qualities, his moral virtues, and his achievements. It should also address the most important misconceptions being circulated about his life.

10) Conventions and conferences need to be held in America and Europe to address this issue and to present to the world the greatness of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the purity of his life. Non-Muslims need to be invited to these conferences, especially prominent thinkers and those who have a special interest in religious matters.

11) Conferences and conventions need to be held wherein various Islamic groups and organizations from around the world can get together to consult with each other and share there views on this issue.

In conclusion, the conveners of the conference expressed their thanks to all those who participated in making it a success.


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