Quran Talking & Quran Training

Ashir M. Kayavi
While I was in my computer studies there were 2 two Teachers, one I would like to name him TALKER, and other I would like to name him TRAINER. The TALKER was good lecturer, he use to spend long enough of time on teaching with stories and explanations the subject deeply, and we can say all his class is of discussions. But our TRANIER lecturer was totally different from him,,, he only take a small teaching portion, then he ask us to work on that on the system, mostly we face problem while we work,,, but same time he will explain the mistake & solution.

Sincerely all the part I studied in my TRAINER lecturer I can work even now without referring not only me everybody on his class became experts on that subject, but for my TALKER lecture really even that subject was simple we all are not that good on that.

We all know that everywhere teaching Quran done in the method of TALKER lecturer, really I feel this is a very serious problem inside Muslims,,, why they are not good muslims it's just the lack of their studies, or are not trained well. We all know Prophet. Mohammed(peace and blessing upon him) not just talked to us he showed with practices in real life. And we need somebody to train our children's the Islam not to talk Islam, but what I know is everybody is just talking to much of Islam not practicing it,,, without practicing we can't be a Muslim,,,, and without you becoming a Muslim you are not better than a none-Muslim,,, and really Allah won't give you power to win upon enemies without becoming a real Muslim,

Also while I was discussing with my friend about practicing Islam, he answered me he use to pray 5 times. But do you think that will make you a perfect Muslim? You spend only less than 30 minutes for prayer in a day, but what about the activities you do in the rest of 23:30hrs? that time you should practice your life in the way of Islam, by loving, caring, responsibilities, truths etc..., for this we need to be trained well in our childhood or the period of studies,,,

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