Letters of the Prophet Muhammad (saw): Treaty of Hudaybia


In Thy Name O Allah

1. This is the treaty in which Muhammad (S.A.W.) son of Abdullah has made a compromise with Sohail son of ‘Umar.

2. There shall be no mutual war for ten years.

3. During this period, every person belonging to the two parties shall be safe and secure and none shall raise a sword against the other.

4. If any person from amongst the Quraish goes to Medinah he shall be sent back, but if any Muslim goes to Mecca, he shall not be sent back.

5. The tribes of Arabia would be free to enter into treaty from the side of either of the two parties.

6. The Muslims shall return this time and come back next year, but they shall not stay in Mecca for more than three days.

7. They shall not come back armed and shall bring with them swords only, but these shall not be kept out of scabbards and the scabbards kept in bags.

Letters of the prophet

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