Letters of the Prophet Muhammad (saw): Pact of Banu Ghifar


In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful.

1. Banu Ghifar shall be regarded as from amongst the Muslims. They shall have the same rights as that of the Muslims and Banu Ghifar shall be subject to the same injunctions, as are applicable to the Muslims.

2. Muhammad, the Prophet (S.A.W.) has entered into a pact to safeguard their life and property and the responsibility of Allah and His Prophet is for it.

3. They shall be helped against such an enemy as invades them outrageously.

4. It shall be incumbent on these people to give help, when it is called for by the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.). But in religious wars each party shall remain impartial.

5. Whoever contravenes it, this pact shall not stand as an argument (or excuse) for him.

Note: Bani Ghifar Tribe sent a delegation to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and offered to enter into a pact with him. The offer was accepted by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) who had a pact prepared. Before entering the fold of Islam, the people of the tribe were highway men and were professional dacoits who looted caravans and tribes. Abu Zar Ghifari (R.A.A.) the well-known companion of the Prophet (S.A.W.) belonged to this tribe.


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