Polygamy and Prophet muhammed

Muhammad Al-Sayed Muhammad

A proof of his prophet hood and testament to the truth of his message, evidences, proofs and testimonies on the message of the seal of the prophets and what he bought forth for the whole of humankind.

All praises are due to Allah Lord of the worlds, Originator of the heavens and the Earth, the Creator of darkness and light, I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone without ascribing any partners to him, and I testify that Muhammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger. O’ Allah send your peace and blessing upon Muhammed the Prophet and seal of the Prophets and Messengers, and peace and blessings be upon his wives and his purified household and his blessed companions, and all those who were guided from his guidance, and emulated his way, and followed his traditions till the Day of Judgement.

As to what follows;

Surely Allah glorified and exalted be he is a defender of his Prophets, a protector of their lofty stations amongst humankind, be that in their lives or after their deaths respectively. Indeed Allah Almighty selected Muhammed peace and blessing of Allah be upon him for particular safeguard against attacks aimed at him, owing to the great opposition he encountered throughout the duration of his call to the religion of Islam. This is further emphasised when one considers the false accusations that arise from time to time from every mistaken misguider, whose aim is to harm the foundational creed of Islam a creed that Allah Almighty chose as the authentic creed for all of humankind to imbue.

This means that Allah’s protection for Muhammed peace and blessing of Allah be upon him was in direct opposition to the desires and wishes of those who were jealous of him and was opposing to their individual benefit.

Indeed Allah Almighty magnified the station of Muhammed (pbuh) the final of His Messengers and raised him in rank above and beyond all of humankind, out of kindness and love for him, decorating him with the qualities of leadership and outstanding mannerisms that will not be replicated in any other human being.

This brief treatise comprises the following:

  • - The wisdom of the Sharee’ah in recognising the natural needs of men in relation to his inclination to women.
  • - Polygamy in the nations and peoples of old and their differing legal systems.
  • - Testimonies of great western thinkers regarding what the Messenger (pbuh) bought to the world.
  • - The position of women before the Prophet was sent and after his Message.
  • - A refutation of the claims of some from the hypocrites and their lies surrounding the reasons for the Prophet taking a number of wives.
  • - Proofs and testament to his prophet hood in his taking of numerous wives.
  • - Some of the wisdoms and benefits that can be extracted from his taking of multiple wives.
  • - Some of the wisdoms and great benefits that can be extracted from the allowance of the Sharee’ah the concept of Polygyny.
  • - A warning from those who lay claim to Islam and what their ideologies permit in false marriages, and that they are not to be used to typify Islam.
  • - Some subtleties when looking objectively at the prophet hood of the Messenger that testifies to the truth of the religion that he bought.



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